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Every month or so we send out an email which provides details of the latest franchises that have been added to the listings. Just leave your email address and name on this form and we'll do all the rest..... A free service.
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Amending an Existing Listing


Should you wish to amend the details that are listed for an existing submission, then please e-mail us at and clearly detail.....

    -   the effected section title,
          ie. Financial
    -   the text or data to be removed,
          ie. Starts: "The area allocated...." and End "... as per agreement."
    -   the text or data to be substituted.

We use "Cut 'n Paste" functions to clipboard the text from your email into the website listing for typo-free insertion so please double check your spellings and figures.

So a typical instruction could look like the following...........

( 1 )
Under Section: Location
Remove para starts "All areas....." and ends "... are still available."
replace with "Most areas in South Africa and Namibia are available but this can be confirmed on application. We are urgently requiring franchisees in the Western Cape, Durban in Northern province"

( 2 )
Under Section: Financial
Change Upfront Capital from R400 000 to R575 000



We encourage you to place a pic or two on the listing *if* you feel that they will assist the visitor in assessing the product. A photo of a flagship store, a mobile trailer or equipment in action would all be good examples.

All full subscription listings should have a logo displayed. We can visit a specified website to pickup a suitable logo but most franchisors like to maintain strict controls over the brand and how it is displayed. We need a landscape orientation, and would like copy that is at least 500 pixels wide. If you have an optimised graphic at 130 px wide that would be fine but we can resize ourselves.

As with the text above, please email the graphic copy to us at

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