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Every month or so we send out an email which provides details of the latest franchises that have been added to the listings. Just leave your email address and name on this form and we'll do all the rest..... A free service.
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About Getting Listed

Do you need more exposure for the marketing of your franchise ?

The Biz.for.Sale concept aims to create a marketplace where franchisors can provide details of franchised business offerings for access on a wide national basis.

We provide users with simple search tools with which they can filter through the businesses on offer in order to closely match their requirements to your listing.

  The Free Trial Listing  

All you need do is fill in the form under Submit Details for Listing and we'll enter your details into the database within a day or so. Effectively, it will cost you nothing. Our objective is to become the definitive Southern African information source and marketplace for franchise opportunities. To achieve that end we need to know about your franchise offering.....

This is a "Trial Listing" and you will receive at least eight (8) enquiries before we contact you and ask you to convert to "Membership Status" to continue with the listing. We are confident that our product delivers and are accordingly offering you a "no cost try out" of the website listing benefits. You therefore have the opportunity to measure the frequency of the leads received as well as being able to assess their quality.

The day-to-day operation of the website has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible. Prospective franchise purchasers complete query forms which are e-mailed directly to you, the franchisor. And we try to provide as much relevant information as possible to enable the aspirant franchisee to tailor his or her requirements to your offering. But we do ask that you provide e-mail contact details as this is important to the automatic nature of the information flows.

And (if you're asking) yes, we do reserve the right to edit the details submitted and we can also refuse acceptance of a listing.

  Membership Benefits  

Franchisors are invited to subscribe to "Membership Status". This would suit those franchisors who need to provide additional information or who feel that they require higher visibility for their offering. Membership provides the following advantages.......

  • Summary listing results are sorted by members and then non-members. This ordering means that a site visitor will always find member's results ahead of non-members in the listings.
  • Members may have their brandname logo displayed alongside the descriptions in the Summary Listing and on the Full Detail Listing page.
  • Members may customise the "short description" that is offered in the Summary Listings. The descriptions for non-members are kept short and direct while member's descriptions can include more "puff" and emotive language. See example.
  • Members are encouraged to provide photographs, diagrams, logos and any other graphic material which would improve the listing and help move a visitor towards making an enquiry contact.
  • Geographic and location availability information can be customised for each franchise and can be updated as and when needed.
  • Financial requirements related to the full investment, royalties, advertising and other fees can be provided in detail to the member's specification.
  • Direct hyperlinking to your existing website or subsidiary pages on our servers. If you require extra space then we can link in additional pages.
  • Members telephone, fax and e-mail contact details are published on the Full Detail Listing page.
  • Statistics on Access to your Full Detail Listing page are available.
  • Backups are kept of your e-mail enquiries for a period of 30 days. If your mail server (or e-mail client) crashes then we can help with restoring lost mail.
We do not charge for work undertaken to enhance the listing.

After converting to membership, you should expect both the frequency and quality of leads to improve due to the better visibility of the listing and more complete information disclosure.

  What are the Costs of Membership ?  

The standard listing fee charged is R1 850 per annum payable in advance. That means, effectively, that you only pay R155 per month for your listing. You may also elect to pay for 6 months only at R1 250 All listing fees are payable in advance and are not refundable.

We also offer a "Limited Membership" which is a continuation of the trial listing and is subject to the same restriction of certain information and lower positioning in the reports generated.

Membership1 Year6 months
FullR1 850R1 250

An invoice will be mailed to you on notification from yourself of your intention to list. We are not registered for South African VAT and consequently do not issue VAT invoices.

  Frequently Asked Questions  

Click Here to access the F.A.Q. for Franchisors.

Here you'll find the questions we get asked most often by franchisors, and the answers should be of interest. Point covered include:

  • I need to advertise, but how do I protect my trade secrets at the same time?
  • I'm ready to franchise my business, but don't know where to start. Can you help?
  • What level of enquiries can I expect from listing with Biz.for.Sale?
  • If I get several enquiries a day, how would I handle them?
  • I developed my franchise and now want to find master country franchisors outside of South Africa. How do I do this?
Any further queries ?

          Tel:   (031) 563-8344
         Fax:   (031) 564-4928

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