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Every month or so we send out an email which provides details of the latest franchises that have been added to the listings. Just leave your email address and name on this form and we'll do all the rest..... A free service.
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Can't Find a Particular Franchise ?


Are you looking for a particular franchise, such as Caltex or MacDonalds, and it just doesn't seem to be there ?

  Did you look properly ?  

First thing you need to be sure of is that you have looked properly. Did you understand that searching for McDonalds will not find MacDonalds and that you used just a portion of the word (such as "donald") that you know is spelt correctly? And you didn't search for multiple keywords at the same time or combined with a Category search? Hmmmmm?

OK. If you did that correctly, then MacDonalds probably isn't listed. But, WHY NOT, we hear you cry!

  Why wouldn't they be listed ?  

Well, this is a commercial service and the franchisors pay to be listed. Not all are happy with that and some, for reasons of their own, feel that a prospective franchisee that is motivated enough to track them down is demonstrating some early committment to the brand. Maybe they think that's a good sign. The oil companies can't hand out franchises to all and sundry as the industry is tightly regulated and all they can do is put you in touch with existing franchisees who are selling their service stations. They obviously are not too keen on receiving a daily string of enquiries that they cannot satisfy

Some franchises have "sold out" in the major areas and some of these franchisors prefer to advertise locally in the few remaining areas where they need a presence. There's little point in them advertising nationally (such as with this website) if they are effectively "out of stock."

In a nutshell, those that don't choose to list have their reasons, but it's still worth contacting them if you're keen on the brand.

  So how do I find them then ?  

Should you be after a particular franchise (by name) then please contact us by e-mail and we should be able to give you contact details. Check the database listings below. Then mail us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible........


The REFUSAL Listing details franchises that we can contact, but they are not listing on this directory service.


The HARD-TO-FIND Listing details franchises that we have lost contact with; they may have closed, changed name or scaled back operations. Please let us know if you can track them down. But please remember that if they are listed here then we can't help you.


  Great, I found them eventually....  

If they were not listed at Biz.for.Sale (or were in the Hard-to-Find listing), then we would really appreciate you letting us know about them. We aim to create a definitive reference site for franchising and need to know about all the major franchise brands. Please drop us a quick e-mail to let us know who and where they are.


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