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  GAP Entrepreneur  


  Opportunities are born out other peoples mistakes.
Our government has not delivered on the educational promise.

600 000 kids matriculate each year with only 130 000 spaces that are available to enter University.

ZERO new universities have been built over the last 20 years to accommodate the growth of our expanding population base, leaving students and parents frustrated and confused about their futures. Angry and upset, riots are breaking out at universities where students are denied access due to overcrowding and lack of space in lecture rooms.

Even worse than that, 1,2 million people enter the job market yearly, and only 10% will get a job in the first 6 months, 15% get a job in the next 18 months and the balance will not be employed for 24 months or more thereafter.

It’s a mess, it’s bleak, and it’s unacceptable, but business people do not cry about such things. They create opportunities out of it.

It’s GAP Entrepreneur‘s goal to empower, up-skill and raise people to enable them to become what they could possibly become through a specific education program like no other. No more sitting in a classroom learning copious amounts of theory in the hope to secure a job out of it. Most believe a degree will solve your problems however it is known that education alone cannot guarantee you a job or a future.

We teach a specific business program that is applied through the 47 module program. Upon completion, students will have an actual business they themselves have built and the experience to go along with it.

If you feel that you are ready for a challenge that is both rewarding and profitable then you have arrived at the right place.

Gap Entrepreneur is new, exciting and different. It does not conform to traditional thinking, but rather stretches the boundaries and sets new sights for human development.

WHO ARE GAP Entrepreneur?

Driven by a passionate group of entrepreneurs with the explicit goal to build, grow, and enhance our up and coming entrepreneurs in the areas of business and practical application of knowledge.

With more than 45 years collective business experience in a myriad of different businesses, our team are equipped and able to teach, inspire, apply and build potential entrepreneurs to understand the pathology of business in modern times.

We are long since of the opinion that you can only learn how to be in business from a successful business person. There are too many people who believe they know how things work from a spectator perspective, who haven’t achieved the level that they are willing to offer advice to.

GAP Entrepreneur Team

It’s our actions that determine our results. Measure a person’s daily deliberate action and you can draw a straight line to their success. Action has opposite and equal reaction. Do the right things, get the right things.

Our team are successful entrepreneurs who have achieved success in their perspective businesses. They are all high net worth individuals. They don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. They have the fruit of success on their own trees and have little or nothing to prove to anyone.

They have achieved success through hard work, grit, mistakes made and lessons learnt. Their foundation of knowledge has been built through action, implementation and fearless deal making. Their success has been carved from risk taking, system implementation and quality management. They are readers, students of business and life. Their role in GAP Entrepreneur is simple:

  • To impart knowledge
  • To empower young entrepreneurs
  • To get a result for all concerned

Give them one year to open your eyes and give you the tools to succeed.


GAP Entrepreneur has opened opportunity to empower Franchised Mentors within South Africa. These licenses are sold apart and only one license may be purchased per person. Each Franchise Mentor will ''own'' a region whereby they will mine their databases and find the necessary candidates to join the program annually.

Roles of a Mentor

Each Mentor has within his/her license to mentor a minimum number of candidates through the GAP Entrepreneur Academy every year. This program is specific and may only be undertaken by a leader driven individual.

Each Mentor shall:

  • Attend the Master Training Course outlining the entire 47 week modular program
  • Develop a full understanding of the Business and Mentorship offering
  • Develop a readiness to build 10 Business Modules per year
  • Recruit a minimum of 50 candidates per year with the goal to recruit 150+ per annum
  • Implement the Gap Entrepreneur training modules
  • Mentor and lead your recruits through their businesses
  • Assure and lead recruits through 47 success modules
  • Oversee Recruits on their twelve month journey
  • Record the progress reports through an IT portals for follow up and follow through
  • Assist in the overseas formalities for any and all overseas excursions
Attributes of a Franchise Mentor
  • Proven leadership qualities
  • Self starters and team players
  • Strong communication skills
  • Administratively strong
  • Strong core values
  • Visionary

Franchise Mentors

Our franchise mentors undergo an initial training which spans over 6 months consisting of an initial 2 week training module, followed by ongoing training and mentoring sessions before commencement of your first intake.


Each franchise mentor will undergo an intensive training program to prepare them to enter the GAP Entrepreneur business program. Each FM will be required to master all the techniques offered through the GAP Entrepreneur business program.


Gap Entrepreneur has an illustrative value and primary investment amounting to R125 000 ex vat. (One Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Rand) subject to increase annually, payable 30 workings days prior to attendance of training.


This will entitle each Franchise Mentor to:

  • Full initial training including access to all training materials
  • Access to our GAP ENTREPRENEUR training modules
  • Ownership of your license territory
  • Fully branded office design
  • Access to our Loginworx™ Software
  • Website representation
  • Advertising portal for new students in your license area
  • Email registration namely
  • Vehicle branding
  • Marketing pack and training materials
  • Access to IC pool
  • Clothing range exclusive to FMs
Additional Investment (estimate)

Office Set Up (Dependant on office size)  -  Approximately R 50 000
Operational Running Costs  -  Min. 3 months operational costs


Due to the nature of our educational model, this business cannot be run from home. A small office environment of ± 100m² would be a minimum space to operate from. These offices will be branded and designed through GE head office.

GAP ENTREPRENEUR will require:
   - Basic office set up with a laptop with minimum Windows 7 Business loaded.
   - An IPad2
   - Internet connectivity ( Broadband)
   - Suitable brand-able vehicle
   - Answering service or machine


Category:    Education and Training
General:    All areas are being considered but major areas available include:
Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Polokwane.
Upfront Capital:    R225 000
Financial Info:    Initial Fee: R125 000 plus VAT
Working Capital Estimate (2 mths): R100 000

The income stream starts once the courses start.

Internet Website:

Weekly Counselling Sessions
With the use of Facetime, all Franchise Mentors will conduct a weekly counselling session with the Franchisor. These sessions will cover any and all aspects of the roll out of the business units countrywide.

Monthly Summary Meetings
For local members they’ll be face to face, outside members may host their sessions through Facetime. Business, results, initiatives are all covers in these sessions.

3 Time Annual National Conference
This conference discusses new initiatives, incentives, changes we may have up and coming or due to be implemented. This also serves as a think tank session for growth and upgrading of the system.

Regional Team Building Functions
Each year, all Franchise Mentors will convene at some location outside of South Africa. These team building events are limited to the Franchise Mentor owner with one explicit outcome. All in the name of building your knowledge base to better serve your teams.

Franchise Holder:    Andrew Smith
Contact Person:    Andrew Smith
Telephone:    012 332-0778

Record ID: 1031
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