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  Are you looking for a fun, very worthwhile and affordable business opportunity? Do you believe that the field of education is both a growing and dynamic industry? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children by providing a much needed educational service? Would you like to foster a love for reading, spelling and language skills? If this description fits on

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The demand and popularity of certified Montessori based ENGLISH lessons for pre-schoolers has motivated Active English to offer you the outstanding opportunity of Active English JUNIORS in addition to Active English SENIORS.

Maria Montessori was one of the world's outstanding educators and psychologists. All over the world, her teachings still lead the way for those who believe in the unique mental powers of the young child's absorbent mind. At Active English, children 'actively' interact with what they are learning. Montessori recognised that between the ages of two and seven, children are going through a sensitive period for absorbing languages effortlessly - not just their mother tongue but as many languages as they are exposed to.

What are the benefits?

  1. Flexible working hours.
  2. Financial freedom.
  3. Low start up costs with excellent profit margins.
  4. Low overheads, work from home
  5. Teach in a safe environment
  6. Minimum administration required
  7. Ongoing educational research and updates provided
  8. Excellent reputation - top students
  9. Guaranteed parent satisfaction
  10. Diverse opportunties exist for expansion

Educational Material Provided - JUNIORS:

  1. A much sought after specialised pre-school syllabus that young learners, aged 4 to 6 years, find enjoyable and stimulating.
  2. Theme motivated, easy to prepare lessons that are unique to Active English. This programme has been researched and put into practice for 14 years.
  3. Teaching manuals (hints on presentation of lessons, story-telling etc)
  4. Specialised pre-school syllabus (quarterly updates)
  5. Flash cards
  6. Customised advertising flyers
  7. Accredited enrolment and indemnity forms, letters of introduction etc
  8. Training: 20 hours in total including 5 hours assistant teaching
  9. Ongoing updates, research and support for 5 years
  10. Once your Active English Juniors is running successfully, you will be given the first option in your area to expand your business to Active English Seniors

Financial Information - JUNIORS:
South Africa Total cost: R40 000
Deposit: R5 000 (48 hours after signing an Option to Purchase)
Balance: R35 000 (payable 14 days after signing the Franchise Agreement)
Reduced royalty fee of R500 per month for the first year of operation.
Thereafter, a set royalty fee of R1200 per month for the remainder of the contract.

Earning potential - JUNIORS:
15 students @ R150 per month (4 week month) = R2 250
Visit 8 nursery schools - 80 students @ R150 per month = R12 000 per month (mornings only)

This is an estimated potential and there is no guarantee that any prospective franchisee will necessarily achieve the same result.

Educational Material Provided - SENIORS:

  1. The Phonovisual Programme is creative. The activities have clear directions, motivating tasks, stimulating formats, and an exciting method for the teaching of phonics. The letters have been divided into four houses, 4 wall charts, a workbook for each grade and a teaching manual is provided. The teaching manual offers clear instruction and provides a comprehensive list of activities for each letter of the alphabet. These activities are an integral component of the programme, hence the word 'active' English. Children are 'active' learners, they need to be physically involved in lessons. This programme will benefit any child who demonstrates curiosity, imagination, a sense of fun and a desire to learn. It will open a child's mind to new experiences and help fulfil their true potential.

  2. The senior Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 programme consists of various workbooks for each grade. All books are curriculum based and develop all the necessary language skills. Grammar, vocabulary expansion, puncutation usage etc. All Active English workbooks have been carefully created to encourage children to develop an interest and enthusiasm for learning. The methods and skills used to teach English, reading and spelling will help students to think tasks through and discover exciting solutions. The writing and appreciation of poetry, together with educational games makes this programme challenging and stimulating.

  3. The general principles of reading, spelling, story telling, presentation of lessons, writing and much more is provided. Teacher's notes and answer books add to this comprehensive educational package.

  4. Two weeks training, ongoing support and updates provided

Active English lessons provided skills of logic and reasoning that teach children HOW to think. Workbooks and activities are aimed at gifted and talented children. When children are taught as though they are gifted and talented, giftedness and talent have a good chance of emerging.

Category:    Education and Training
General:    As this is a new initiative there are still a number of sites available. The following areas ares all have successful franchisees!
  • Centurion (Eldoreign)
  • Centurion (Rooihuiskraal)
  • Polokwane
  • Bloemfontein
  • George
  • Vereeniging (Three Rivers East and Risiville)
  • Roodepoort
  • Parow North (Cape Town)
  • Durban (Bluff area)
Upfront Capital:    R120 000
Financial Info:    Active English SENIORS:
South Africa Total cost: R80 000
Deposit: R10 000 (48 hrs. after signing an Option to Purchase)
Balance: R70 000 (14 working days later, after signing the Franchise Agreement and before training begins)

The total fee is R120 000 and is a once off payment that is required upon entering into the franchise group. This includes the franchise fee, all systems and documentation. This secures the rights to trade under the Active English name and gives you exclusivity to a trading area.

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A monthly royalty fee of R500 for the first year of operation covers the cost of services and support and gives the franchisee an opportunity to build the business. The fee for the remainder of the contract is R1200 per month.

Typical Running Costs include:

  • advertising costs
  • royalty fees
  • travel/ petrol expenses
  • electricity and telephone
  • cleaning materials
  • stationery and craft items
  • access to photostat machine and binder essential

Estimated Cash Flow Forecast

10 students per class @ R50 per lesson = R500 per hour
2 lessons per day (13h30 to 15h30) = R1 000 per day
4 days per week - R4 000 per week
Total income per month - R16 000 (afternoons only)

A third lesson per day will generate an income of R24 000 per month

These figures will differ from place to place and person to person. There is no guarantee that the above financial results will be achieved. Important factors to take into consideration are the typical running costs of the franchise.

Internet Website:
Other Information:    Background
Active English has been operating successfully since 1993. Growing from 5 students to 157. Due to a increasing demand for this service, it was decided that franchising was the best way to go. So, in August 2001 the business was franchised.

Active English is a member of The Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development and has successfully exhibited at the International Franchise Exhibition held at the Sandton Convention Centre in 2002 and 2003.

FASA Membership
Active English is a full member of the Franchise Association of Southern Africa, applies ethical franchising standards and conforms to international best practices. The FASA code of ethics is applied in our business methodologies.

The ideal characteristics of an Active English franchisee:

  1. Outgoing and friendly
  2. High energy level
  3. Self-disciplined and resilient
  4. Prepared to adapt and absorb new ideas
  5. Highly organised
  6. Good communicator (written and verbal)
  7. Passion for teaching creatively

A large room or a converted garage is ideal for the use of a classroom. A clean, comfortable classroom that is cheerful and inviting with suitable furniture, bookcases and reading corner etc. will be specified by the franchisor.

The training takes place at Three Rivers East, Vereeniging, Gauteng. It is structured in such a way that one week will be spent travelling with the franchisor to attend classes and the second week takes place in the school holidays.

Why Active English?
Active English is not an extension of school. Lesson content relates to school curriculum and English as a first language. But the unique presentation of the lessons make the attendance of Active English an enjoyable and challenging extra-curricular activity.

The concept is ideal for teaching English to second language speakers, especially Afrikaans, African and foreign children. Most parents know that it is essential for their children to be bilingual, but also want to maintain their own cultures and mother tongue. It is well-known that in most Afrikaans schools (for example) there is no formal English instruction in Grades 1, 2 and 3. It is only when they reach Grade 4 that formal English is introduced.

By far the most successful and undisputed method of marketing is by word-of-mouth: the recommendation of satisfied parents and students. Initially, you will need to advertise at schools by making use of newsletters sent out to parents. High visibility signage and newspaper advertising is also advised.

Active English is not a ''Get-Rich-Quick'' scheme, but a good, solid business that has grown from stength to strength. It is for the franchisee to decide how hard he/ she would like to work. The customer base is unlimited as there are always children that need tutoring.

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Please print and fax to 016 454 8974

Franchise Holder:    Antionette Slabbert
Contact Person:    Antionette Slabbert
Telephone:     0827141155
Fax:    016 4548974

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