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Every month or so we send out an email which provides details of the latest franchises that have been added to the listings. Just leave your email address and name on this form and we'll do all the rest..... A free service.
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Submit a Franchise for Listing

Please read Getting Listed for details relating to membership and enhancing your listing. New submissions qualify for receiving up to eight enquiries from this listing on a Trial Membership basis.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you print this page and then fill out the submission form manually before returning to this site to complete this form online. You should also have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Listing (Getting Listed) before completing and submitting this form.

Blue Shading [*] indicates mandatory fields which must be completed !
We strongly suggest providing as much information as possible.
The Yellow Shaded [#] fields will be supressed and not displayed as blank fields to visitors if they are left unfilled.

  FRANCHISE HOLDER - Contact Details  

Franchise Holder:
The name of the business (or person) that owns the franchisor (and franchise rights) and is placing this listing with Biz.for.Sale.

Your Name:

Tel Code: [*] Tel No.: [*]
Fax Code: [#] Fax No.: [#]

Postal Address:

Province/State & Country

eMail Address:
Your valid e-mail address must be entered into this field. If you do not want to be contacted by e-mail (perhaps for confidentiality reasons) or do not have e-mail facilities, then enter the e-mail address as   Without a valid address in this field the form will not complete and cannot be submitted. This is the same e-mail address to which queries from potential franchisees will be sent.

Your R.S.A. ID Number or
Foreign Passport Country & Number
R.S.A. Company Registration No.
At least one of the above two fields must be completed.
If you are submitting on behalf of a franchisor that is a registered or public company or is a close corporation then the Company Registration Number MUST be provided.

  MASTER FRANCHISE DETAILS       (if applicable)  

Are you offering a Master Franchise for the Southern African area ?
If you click the Yes button, we will then indicate to visitors that you are offering a master franchise for the S.A. area, If you wish you may provide details in this regard in the 'Other Information' box below. Usually, you would be the Master Franchisor for the SA region and this button would be set to NO.
Do you wish to sell Master Franchises to countries outside of South Africa ?
Obviously, you must own the worldwide rights or limited rights to sell to certain areas. Additional details in this regard can be detailed in the 'Other Information' box.
If you developed this franchise in SA and are looking for someone to promote it in other countries, then choose YES.


The franchise trade name by which the franchises are known. ie. "Computer Doctor" or "Print in a Minute".

Short Description:

The text displayed when this franchise appears in a search listing. It is the first detail that a visitor sees and should be phrased to advertise the positive aspects of this business in 50 words or less. For examples, click here.

Long Description:

Use this area to provide details that the buyers would need to know to encourage a direct contact with yourselves. If the franchise is "clicked" from a summary listing (resulting from a search) then full details are displayed, including this field.
This is the best place to give indications of potential turnover and profit expectations.


When a visitor searches on keywords, then the brand name, description (long and short), category, industry and keyword fields are examined for an embedded text match. So use this field for recording any relevant words which may not appear in the other fields. Don't forget the plural forms for important words and also common misspellings.


Most franchises fall into "traditional" categories. These are listed here. A visitor may be looking for a "Quick Print and Signage" operation, expects it to be franchised, and wants to see a focussed listing.

or Request a New Category?

Provide category details if no suitable category exists in the preceding Category option:

Other Information:

Used to provide additional detailed information that was not covered in the Long Description section. Common use is for site availability, business and operational skill requirements, experience needed, training offered, number of existing franchises and the establishment year of the franchising operation.

Internet Website:
Please contact us if you feel that a page is needed with more background information on your franchise.


Upfront Capital:
Numeric Input only !
  No spaces, punctuation or currency symbols
    (ie. 135000 and not R 135 000 or 135 000,00)
Almost all franchisors require an upfront payment which is considered the minimum investment required to secure a franchise. There may be other payment requirements later. If different financial options are offered, then this should be either the lowest investment package, or a typical amount.
Typically, this payment amount would include the franchise fee, shopfitting and setup costs and working capital. In other words, the amount of cash the franchisee needs to get the business running to the point where positive cashflow returns are generated.
If you withhold the investment information (which you are obviously entitled to do) then your entry will nearly always be the last presented in a listing due to the ordering of results by amount. Rather quote a rough amount and make note of the fact in the following Financial Info field.

Financial Information:

Information supplemental to the Upfront Capital. If disclosed, typical details in this text field might include;
  -   minimum operating capital
  -   royalties and/or management fees
  -   advertising and marketing fees
You might also want to itemise the elements of the "Upfront Capital Required" so that the purchaser can understand that you are quoting only the franchising fee, or else you are including a provision for stock purchases and working capital. Disclose as much as you are comfortable with here.
If the franchise area or physical locations have different financial implications for franchisees, then this could be mentioned.



Typical location availability statements would include the following:
  • Availability unrestricted within South Africa and the Southern African states.
  • Franchises available in South Africa only.
  • Master franchises available for many countries worldwide.
Specific comments on franchise availability:

If you leave this field blank, then the following text will be displayed to visitors:

"Information on location is not available in this abbreviated listing. We suggest that you contact the franchisor directly to query this issue further. Please use the "Contact button" at the bottom of this page."


Comments to us regarding this listing:

Use this as a message area to convey any concerns, further instructions, or requests for information about this service. Or you may simply click here to contact us by your browser-based e-Mail.

Confirmation of TRIAL LISTING Request:
 Free Trial
 Full Membership
We assume that you are requesting the Free Trial Listing service.
However, if you wish to subscribe for Full Membership now (R890 p.a.) then please select the button at the left. For Full Listings we will need your brand logo to display with the listing. We will also contact you shortly to get extra details and membership benefit data such as pictures and web links.

Print this form now as your record of the details submitted.


Please read Getting Listed for details relating to membership and enhancing your listing.

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