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A Master Franchise is the right to sell franchises to franchisors and is normally granted within a defined geographical area.
If Ace Cleaning in the United States grants a Master Franchise to Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd in South Africa for the RSA and SADC states then Franchise Holdings has the right to sell Ace Cleaning franchises in all countries from Angola to Mozambique and south of there. They may not sell Ace Cleaning franchises into any other areas.
The franchisors listed here may be looking for a master franchisor only and are not selling local franchises directly to franchisees. If so, then that will be noted on the Full Details Page for that franchise brandname.

  Master Franchisors sought for Southern Africa  

International franchisors from outside of Southern Africa who are actively seeking to appoint a local Master Franchisor to promote and sell their franchises within the Southern African region.

List of SOUTHERN AFRICAN Master Franchisors required

  Master Franchisors sought for INTERNATIONAL AREAS  
outside of Southern Africa

These franchises are usually of South African origin and the owners are looking to expand internationally. They require Master Franchisors located in countries outside of Southern Africa who wish to acquire new franchise brands to promote and sell.

List Master Franchisors for INTERNATIONAL AREAS

  Listing under Both the Master Categories  

The owner of the worldwide rights to a particular franchise may be located, say, in the USA and might be actively seeking a master franchisor in Southern Africa as well as other master franchisors in other countries. In this case the franchise would be listed under both these two categories.

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